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Since the beginning of humankind, stories of the mystical, spiritual and healing powers of gemstones and crystals have abounded. Ancient people used gemstones and crystals in jewelry, for adornment and for healing as far back as the fourth millennium before the birth of Christ.


Crystals and gemstones have played a part in virtually every religion. They are mentioned in the Bible and the Koran. In Hinduism, the Kalpa Tree, an offering to the gods, is said to be made of precious stone. Buddhist history describes a diamond throne for a thousand Kalpa Buddhas to repose on.


Tribal cultures around the world have used gemstones medicinally, spiritually and in jewelry. Many Native American tribes, the Maoris and Aborigines use gemstones in various traditional activities and for spiritual growth and healing.


Over the past 30 years the use of crystals and gemstones in healing has re-emerged. Many alternative and non-traditional healers believe strongly in the use of specific gemstones and crystals for holistic healing. Much of their practice is derived from the many thousands of years of traditions from cultures around the world.


Spiritual Gems uses these same precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystals and organic gem materials (such as abalone and coral) in beautiful jewelry. The wearer of Spiritual Gems jewelry garners the same spiritual, mystical and healing properties of unadorned gems and crystals – worn in fashionable and lovely jewelry apparel!

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